If you run an online business, then you must already know how important a website is to sustain in the business. How your website is laid out, functions, what images, colours and fonts are used means a lot; as this is something that can bring a good user experience.

Probably you might have heard a lot about how your website should or shouldn’t be, but it’s not necessary that all those things must be true. It’s is therefore important that you should have proper knowledge about website designing, so you can easily differentiate between a myth and a fact.

Here, we help you to clear the air by letting you know about some myths that you shouldn’t believe-

Myth 1: Homepage matters the most

Fact- Well, a homepage is surely the most visited page and usually the first thing a visitor sees but don’t forget about the other webpages. The website that has content-rich webpages is the one that top browsers such as chrome, firefox etc. value the most. Make sure, while you design your website, to pay attention to each and every webpage.

Myth 2: Extra features means better design

Fact- No!! Unfortunately, overloading the features can make your website more difficult to use. Adding bells and whistles are great— “only if they have a purpose”, likewise there are many other features as well that your business website may not require, so just try to avoid them.

Myth 3: Fill the white space…. why leave it empty?

Fact- The opposite is true. The content of your website stands out to readers if you allow needed white space on the webpage. Reason being- “open space helps to separate the content and give itemsa breathing room for an easier read”. All this will help to enhance the user experience.

Myth 4: Web design is all that you need!

Fact: If someone says that website designing is all you need, then don’t believe them. Although designing website can help to enhance the user experience and brand experience, but it won’t fix everything. For issues like-low traffic, poor engagement, content concerns or low conversion rates, you need more than just website designing. Designing can do one thing but it can’t replace the need for editorial or web development teams (which can fix other issues that designing can’t!).

Hopefully, all these may help you if you’re planning to create a new website or redesigning the current one. Just keep them in mind and don’t fall for the myths that keep circulating around you.

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