In this new era of globalization and digitalization, business is growing rapidly especially in the developed nations like Singapore. Customers are the King of the market, and every business needs to mold their strategies as per the demand and try to increase their customer reach. Customer reach can be maximized through Ecommerce; in other words, it can also be said that E-commerce is where your customers are.

One of the most prominent ways of doing e-commerce business is via efficient and effective websites. Poor website or no website equals a bad First Impression.

Therefore following features must be considered for good e-commerce websites in Singapore:

  • The domain name is the front door entry to any business which is responsible for getting a relevant audience to the website. Therefore the domain name should be such which is relevant to business and easy to remember.
  • Giving extra attention to creating a business logo for an e-commerce website in Singapore, as it works as the main visual part of the overall brand identity of the business; which directly impacts the customers.
  • An e-commerce website provides a tagline that represents the business vision and mission. Therefore a sound tagline would cover everything from the image of the business to the summary of products and services.
  • Inserting a clear call-to-action button to direct the attention of your visitors from decision fatigue and confusion to important content in a website.
  • Website navigation is key to the success of any e-commerce website in Singapore; therefore it should be clean, clear, and user-friendly Friendly.
  • Using image sliders for capturing the attention of visitors and giving a professional look to the website.
  • The Ecommerce websites of Singapore need to be mobile friendly and highly responsive so that these can be browsed from any device. A large portion of online traffic comes from smartphones.
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