March 2022 is the third time Google rolls out a product review update. The last time it was done was in April 2021 and December 2021. The update was rolled out on 23rd March and it includes a lot more signals and a niche ranking algorithm. The product review update by google promotes web content reviews that are ahead and beyond the content found on the website. Ecommerce website design Singapore companies can now help you develop a better website that takes the algorithm intothe account.

Impact of March 2022 product review update on existing websites

The new update only impacts the websites which have content written in English. However, Google has hinted to roll out new updates that would impact more websites in the coming months. Websites that were hit hard with the algorithm are going to be hit even harder with the new change. The product reviews cannot be just a generic ones anymore. Companies need to encourage their customers to publish better content for review. The other way is to hire a Singapore web design company that can work with and around the algorithm.

What will change?

Google has mentioned that the third update is a built-up over the last two updates. Google wants the consumer to get access to products that are more useful based on high content-driven product reviews. The new update will allow Google to provide better advice to customers when purchasing something against google search. While Google says it is rewarding content with high quality and value-driven reviews, it may seem to be unjust for the products which have positive reviews but are not in-depth.

What you can do to improve your ranking (As per Google)?

  • You can include an in-depth analysis of a new or updated item to make people understand its benefits and drawbacks. Make sure that people how they are better from their previous version.
  • The reviews can come from users who have physically used the product and can share how it is used.
  • Put more importance on content apart from what the manufacturer has provided. You can include a link to videos of using the product or can use other audio and visual aid that helps people understand the product.
  • You can also cover similar products in the same category and let people know what segregates your product from others.

Google may be giving out these tips in the recent update, but it is always beneficial to have an interactive website that allows customers to share more details about their experience of using your products and services. If you are a content-driven company you already understand the importance of in-depth analysis. The eCommerce websites that allow customers to give reviews can have them give reviews with visual aid.

The tips provided by Google are enough to get you started on the right path. The impact of the March 2022 product review update will be felt shortly by most of the website.Hire a Singapore web design company to deal with the mechanism.

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