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Everything You Need to Know about Responsive Web Design in Singapore

Web design is a complex process and it will take an expert to create an effective one for your business in Singapore. It isn’t enough that you use the perfect font, colors, and images. In today’s world and market behavior, your website should fit any device to enhance user’s experience. This is what we call, responsive web design. This post will give you a quick glimpse of what it is.

What is a responsive web design?

A responsive web design means that the designer builds a web page that suits not just desktop computers, but also small gadgets and screens like tablets and smartphones. In Singapore, more people are now using their smartphones to complete a number of tasks. They use it for online banking, booking tickets, and even for shopping. If your website does not fit their small devices that could be a total turnoff and your leads might go directly to your competitor.

What you should consider with a responsive web design?


When you are designing for small screens such as mobile phones, it is suggested to use fewer images. This is so the site can download faster and users are able to navigate through it with such ease.

‘Select’ Feature

You should also take note of specific web features such as selecting an option. Let’s take for example an online clothing store in Singapore. Those who use desktop and laptop computers can easily choose items using their mouse. They can point, tick, and select items that they want. But the case is different if they are shopping using their smartphones. They don’t have a mouse to click products and they mostly use their fingers to navigate. Thus, your mobile design should cover that issue.

Why you need to use responsive web design for your business in Singapore?

Again, most consumers in Singapore are using their smartphones not just for basic search but even for purchasing different items. If your website is mobile-friendly, you are to expect a leap of website visits and even leads. If you don’t take advantage of this, expect that your business in Singapore will fall behind.

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