A landing page is important if you want to grow your business. But building an effective one is more challenging than you think. There are certain elements that you have to include so that you can successfully convert your online visitors.

Before you hire a web development service company, here are a few things you need to know about landing pages and its most critical elements.

  • Maintain Your Company Branding
    When you are creating a landing page, it is crucial that you design it in such a way that it’s cohesive with your main website. It should include consistent branding, including colors and logo. That way, your online visitors could easily identify to which company the landing page belongs to.

    Statistics show that there is an ever-growing number of mobile device users. If you will just create a design fit for a desktop, imagine the opportunities you’d lose. Think about it – whether you have the best images or icons, it wouldn’t matter if you don’t have a mobile responsive design.

  • Less Clutter
    Another technique to create an effective landing page is to ensure that it’s not cluttered. It’s important that you maximize the use of negative space. This approach can highlight the action that you want your users to do next.

    Apart from that, it’s best to exclude other menus so that your visitors will not abandon your landing page.

  • A Catchy Headline and Sub Headline

    If you are to hire a web development service, you can also check with them if they offer copywriting services.

    Why do we recommend this?

    If you must know, a landing page is not just about the visual appeal or aesthetics. Your copy can greatly affect your conversion rate too. It should be catchy, compelling enough and consistent from the copy you used whether from the social media or from the email.

    Also, you should consider creating a sub headline that is equally intresting and engaging.

  • Highlight Your Lead Magnet
    One of the effective ways to get leads is if you provide them with lead magnets. Samples of lead magnets are free webinars or an eBook.

    If you have these already, make sure to highlight it on your landing pages. That way, your visitors would be willing to provide their information in exchange for the freebies.

  • Add Images and Videos
    We’ve seen a lot of landing pages that are too plain and downright boring. Avoid that approach.

    Instead, add videos and images where you can tell a more convincing story. Remember, we are visual creatures. And if people see videos and photos on your landing pages, they will be naturally gravitated towards it.

  • Make the Call-to-Action Clear
    You might have a good design for your landing page.  You probably used the best colors and icons. Or perhaps, you have the best copy.  But if you forget to add a call-to-action, your landing page is as good as nothing.

    Take note of this. When you work with a web development service in Singapore, reiterate that you want to highlight your call-to-action. One good tactic is to use contrasting colors so that it will stand out from the rest of the design.

  • Simplify Your Form
    And lastly, it’s a huge turn-off if your landing page has a long form. Most of the time, people will just ignore it and abandon your page. You need to simplify it and just ask for the most relevant information. That’s more effective than trying to get as many details from your visitors.
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