You’ve heard that creating landing pages is one of the ways to get leads, and eventually sales. That is true. But, if your landing page does not follow the best strategies, then it will remain futile. So, in this post, we would like to share with you some of the best tips on how you can increase conversion rates with landing pages.

Take note that these are important even if you will hire the services of a web designing company in Singapore. That way, you can have a checklist and see if the final output is more than satisfactory.

  • Practice Empathy
    When creating a landing page, you should, first and foremost, understand your market. What do they want? You should focus on them, instead of your brand and services. You might need to do intense research to know the answers. Yes, it could take time, but you are on your way to converting some of your leads.

    It is best to create a persona for your brand. Hopefully, you have already created this a long time ago. If not, then you have to work on it right now. You see, by creating a persona, it is easier to identify the behavior of your market. How do they speak? What are their common problems? What is their purchasing power?

    From there, you can create the most effective images, videos, icons, and even copy that will win your audience.

  • Add Value on the Top Fold
    If you are building a landing page, your value or promises should be seen above the fold. Just so you know, people would instantly want to know, ‘what’s in it for them.’ Before they would even read the nitty-gritty of your products and services, they would immediately want to seek, how can it help their lives better.

    Leverage on that and make sure to highlight these upfronts. Do not expect your visitors to scroll first and intentionally look for your value. Make them see it right away.

    If you want your landing page to deliver, we recommend hiring a web designing company in Singapore. We understand that there are templates available online. But how sure are you that the design matches your industry, market, and business objective?

  • Take Time to Work on Your Headlines
    There are many good content writers out there. But for the purposes of the landing page, you need someone that could create a compelling short copy. Quite frankly, this is not a 5-minute task, no matter how short it is. Some of the most effective headlines were created for days. Better to target your market’s emotions when drafting your headlines.

    In addition, never use uncommon words. Chances are, they will just leave your landing page.

  • Use Videos
    You would often hear that pictures speak a thousand words. But just imagine if you are to add videos. You are maximizing your landing page’s real estate just by this simple technique. However, you should carefully plan your videos. It is not just to add an aesthetic appeal, but to provide more in-depth information about your products and services.

    Decades ago, adding your social media links to your website is not mandatory. After all, social media was not as big as it is today. But right now, people are looking for your social media accounts. Just add icons linking to your pages, and that should do you good.

  • Add Client Testimonials
    It is natural for us to doubt our choices. But with a bit of social proof, you can make people change their minds.

    So, when you are creating landing pages, make sure to include client testimonials. In fact, you can even add your rewards and recognitions. With these tools, you increase trust among your audience.

    The tips here are just the tip of the iceberg. But in reality, experts are needed so you can create a solid landing page that will increase conversion. Work with a web designing company in Singapore and see the drastic changes it could do for the business.

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