You have heard a lot of people telling you that you need a website for your business. While there are many software that will give you templates where you can easily drag and drop elements, a business website takes more work. After all, it will be your tool to generate sales.

In this post, let us share with you how to structure the content of a business website. Take note though that a website design company is recommended. They are well-versed in terms of creating an effective website. Plus, you will have more time on your hands to finish your core responsibilities.

  • Your Headline and Hero Image Must Be Clear
    Remember that you only have a few seconds to win your online visitor. If your headline and hero images are not compelling enough, they would instantly leave your website. Your home page must clearly tell what you are and what you offer.

    If you are to use flowery words, do so with caution. You would not want to confuse your first-time visitors, would you?

  • Include Your Client Testimonials
    In today’s age, every business in any given industry has tough competition. Even if your website is over the top, it would not matter if people cannot see reviews and testimonials. Think of it as a ‘word-of-mouth’ approach.

    If possible, ask your loyal clients to create a testimonial that you can publish on your website. This is social proof and a strong tool to getting leads and sales.

  • Use Storytelling Approach for About Us
    Many website owners do not take their About Us page seriously. But that is a wrong move. If you must know, people would often read your About Us page, most especially if they want to get to know you further.

    But writing a bland and boring copy will not get you anywhere. The most effective technique is to write about your company as if you are telling a story. Make it sound enthusiastic and share how it started and grew.

    This is not a job for amateurs. If possible, hire the services of a copywriter. In fact, we recommend that you look for a website design company that offers that type of service. That way, you only have one point person for all your website needs.

  • Show Pictures of Your Team
    In your website, we also encourage that you place photos of your team members. Showing your faces to your market establishes credibility. You are building trust and they are more likely to transact with you online or offline.

    This does not have to be rigid professional headshots. Some companies are using fun and creative shots of their team members. It shows that they are fun to work with, which is a plus to the audience.

  • Work On Your Product Description
    When you are selling products online, make sure that your product description is not just describing the features. What is more effective is that you highlight its benefits. That way, your visitors will truly appreciate your offering.

    Just be careful when you are writing product descriptions. A lengthy one could be a major turn-off. The same goes for a huge chunk of texts. If you can cut down the paragraphs or use bullets, then that should do you good.


All these tasks can be overwhelming, most especially if you are not familiar with website design. That is why, instead of doing it on your own, hire the services of a website design company. Provide them with your business objectives, and they should guide you throughout the process.

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