Having a website for your brand is a good marketing move. If you must know, not having an online presence can put a dent on your business. But there are things which you need to avoid if you are about to design your website. Otherwise, you will lose traction and a lot of business opportunities.

The next question now though is, what are the things you must look out for when designing a website. This post can certainly help you even before hiring a web design company in Singapore.

  • Hard to Navigate
    First of all, your website should be easy to use. The navigation should be smooth and intuitive. Always put yourself into the position of your online visitor.

      • Ask yourself the following.
      • Will you be able to go to the menus right away?
      • Can you easily search within the website?.

    The trick here is to look at the website of your competitors. Try to see if their websites are easy to navigate and take down notes. Of course, we are not saying that you have to copy everything. However, if you can lift clever ideas, then use these and improve from there.

  • Lack of Call-To-Action
    Are you familiar with Call-To-Action or CTAs? Usually, these are the statements or buttons that will lead your visitor to do the next step.

    You see, your online visitors need a bit of push. You will them what to do next. For example, when they are already done looking at the product, you can add a button that says, Add to Cart.

    In most cases, these CTA buttons are strategically placed where people can see it. Plus, they use contrasting colors so it can be emphasized.

  • Messy Layout
    Anyone would be turned off if your website is cluttered. Think of it as a physical store where people could not see the items they are looking for. Chances are, they will leave. The same principle applies for your website. It needs to be clean and organized.

    If you do not know how to do it, then a web design company in Singapore could help you.

  • Missing Social Media Links
    Decades ago, adding your social media links to your website is not mandatory. After all, social media was not as big as it is today. But right now, people are looking for your social media accounts. Just add icons linking to your pages, and that should do you good.
  • Large Images and Videos
    We know that it can be tempting to add a lot of videos and images to your website. But if you do so without going technical about it, your website could slow down. The truth is a slow website could affect user experience and your bounce rate will go up.


There are still more things to avoid when you are designing a website. Most of it are not knowledgeable to business owners. But for a web design company in Singapore, this should be easy. They even know the trends that can help your website reach its maximum potential.

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