When talking about using a software or designing one; User Interface and User experience terms are common. Also abbreviated as UI and UX, these ensure that the user who is not technically trained can function the software with ease. In this era of competition, companies are striving towards making their websites and applications more and more user-friendly.

In major cities like Singapore, web designing companies have a say in the corporate world, because many of the client companies which need to manage their websites outsource the work to the former. These web designing companies in Singapore provide intensive user interface and user experience enhancement services to the client companies.

But before approaching these web designing companies in Singapore, one should be crystal clear about the difference between both terms.

Here is a simple differentiation enunciated below for the same:


  • This focuses on the appearance of the product like a website or software.
  • The main aim of UI is to visually direct the user through the design of the product.
  • UI includes elements like buttons, icons, color schemes, responsive design, and typography.
  • UI works towards ensuring the design of the product looks consistent and pleasing.


  • This works towards improving the functioning of the user interface.
  • UX is not about visuals, rather about the overall experience of using the product by the user.
  • It is bent towards making the customer satisfied with the product.

With the above-mentioned differentiation enunciated in simple terms, it would be now understandable for the companies the basics of UI and UX. And with this information, the companies could now approach the web designing companies in Singapore, or any other country in the world with precision.

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