In today’s age, it is not enough that you have an existing website. It should be mobile-friendly as well. Otherwise, you are not going to maximize your reach.

If you are still not convinced to use a mobile-friendly website template, then we are giving you a few reasons to switch.  It’s good if you know these things so that you can relay the same if you are about to hire a web designing agency.

But first let’s discuss what a mobile friendly website is.

  • What is A Mobile Friendly Website?

When you say mobile friendly website, it simply means that whenever a user browses your website through their Smartphone, they will still have an optimal experience. They will not have a hard time navigating through each page. And if ever there are call-to-action buttons, they can immediately click it without any hassles.

A good web designing agency in Singapore is well-versed in creating mobile-friendly websites. They understand that it is the trend, and they know that without this feature, you are going to miss a lot of business opportunities.

Now, let’s move on to the benefits if you design your website to be mobile friendly.

  • Your Market Use Mobile Devices Most of the Time

Here’s the truth bomb. Most online users today are on mobile. So if your website design is only good in desktops or laptops but will not give the same experience on smaller gadgets, you will have a high bounce rate. We can guarantee you that your visitors will immediately go out of your website and look for another source.

  • It Establishes Trust

According to research, online users believe that if you have a poorly designed website, it diminishes the overall trust value. They feel that as a company, you should give importance to your online representation. Make sure that your website is optimized both for larger and smaller screens. That way, you can penetrate the entire market regardless of the device they use.

  • It Makes You More Competitive

If you are still not redesigning your website, you are already losing the competition.

Most likely, your competitors are already doing it because they know the benefits of having a mobile-friendly website.

Are you willing to lose your share of the market just because you failed to do this? We don’t think so.

  • Online Visitors Can Reach Out to You Right Away

Another amazing thing about building a mobile-friendly website is that it allows your online visitors to reach out to you immediately. You can add specific functions and features where they just need to click the button and they will be routed to your phone number. And since they are on mobile, they could talk to you as soon as possible.

  • It Helps with Your Search Engine Rank

You are probably aware of the importance of search engine ranking. And just so you know, if your website is mobile-friendly you have higher chance of ranking in Google.

From there, a lot of benefits will come along. Your online visibility will be higher. The traction will be better. And of course, the conversion rate could improve as well. That means more profit for your business.

We recommend that you work with a web designing agency in Singapore so you can identify the best design fit for your industry and market. While there are lots of templates available online, you can never guarantee if these will work for your niche.

To be on the safe side, and to yield better results, work with professionals

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